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Wednesday, 18 December 2013 04:42

Save Money by Tax Planning

It is advisable to do some planning a few months in advance but it's never too late to start now !
First step:
Take inventory of all your receipts for your expenditure last year.Do up a personal account statement.This should give you an idea of your actual income and expenses.
Second Step:
Categorise all your expenses into deductible and relief allowed by the Tax returns.
Third Step: 
Check the Tax hand book (its available for free) for deductibles and relief allowable for current returns to maximise those deductibles and relief by noting the figures and compare them to your accounts by marking those allowable and noting which you might miss out in the accounts by adding them to the allowable figures.
It's not that difficult, however if you have trouble and you are running a business then things could get complicated. Remember the Tax agent only put in the figures you give him.You must be able to get the accounts done yourself or at least have a simple record of what was your income,personal expenses,business expenses,capital gains or lost,gift and donations before seeing the Tax agent.
Good luck and if you are still not sure what have gone in and out of your pocket and how do you treat them as far as Tax is concern than get professional help immediately.
Disclaimer:The above article does not constitute or be liable to effect your tax in anyway nor does it claim as a Tax advise that guarantee of your success to reduce your tax in any way what so ever.We will not be liable in any way should any loss be incurred by you from following the above advice.
An Article by:
Rodzman b Abdul Rahim, 
Chartered Financial Consultant(ChFC)
Syariah Registered Financial Consultant(SRFP)
Registered Financial Consultant(RFP)

The study found that there was a gap between perceived and actual status of succession planning in the SMMEs studied. It further revealed that there was no preference to recruiting from outside versus developing inside talent in preparation for succession planning. This finding can provide guidance to other SMME owners while making their succession planning, while it provides opportunities for managers. Most of the top managers surveyed indicated that they will be retiring in next 5 years and indicated that company had no succession plan or exist strategy. This finding has serious implications for the SMMEs studied and must take succession planning very seriously, otherwise they will come to a halt suddenly when the leadership leaves the enterprise for whatever reason, either due to natural death or otherwise. SMMES studied did not put plans in place to groom, train and develop top managers. As a way forward some strategies that can be followed to address the key variables are:

Business Strategy: An organisational structure should be implemented so that employees know who is next in line and what is expected of them, so that if anything is to happen to top management that company can still carry on. Exiting top management and shareholders should have contingency plans in place to ensure that the business can outlive them and that they have a proper exit strategy in place to carry over shares to the new management or new shareholders. The business strategy can add great value to a company if it needs to be sold.

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